Friday, August 31, 2012


 So a while back, late July, my parents came to pick me up from Rexburg, and to meet my lovely Fiance Bryan. ;p
One thing we did together was enjoy Yellowstone. It was a nice warm day, and of course I was limping around, like I usually do because I tend to get myself hurt, but that is another story!
Here we have some pictures, and knowing me, they are in the opposite order of having been taken, but that is to be expected, blogging with pictures is a little tricky, soon I will get the hang of it, but for now just enjoy. ;p
Here we have some perfectly good strangers being "unwise." Surely they read the pamphlets that state a reasonable safe distance from all wildlife... But somehow the message didn't sink in. I used my zoom lens, like a sensible young lady. ;p
Above to the left, we have a tree that I told Bryan was a "cute tree." Isn't it cute?! I sure thought it was, and Bryan took the initiative to photograph it for me. ;p
In the middle we have Ol' Faithful, we stood for maybe 20 minutes? I don't recall exactly, but we sure waited a bit. At first there were not too many people waiting, sure the seating was all occupied, but not very many people were crowding behind at first. When the time came closer to the long waited event there were plenty of people squeezing around us. I mean there was one guy who seemed to be taking pictures of me and my mom, then he was so close it seemed he wished to give us each hugs! That is how close some people will get to you just to see this event! Crazy I tell you!
And to the right we have a picture of a geyser that took a while to actually get a picture of. The most frustrating thing about this trip, besides my limping, was that anyone and everyone would block the signs that tell what you are looking at! there was one man leaning against this sign, for maybe 5 minutes while I was waiting, and probably even longer before I got there, just leaning! Not even looking at the geyser! Just staring straight down! Well, I had to rant about that quickly, whew!
Next we have the Silex geyser. It was really pretty in person. I just wish I had this wonderful photograph editor to better show you the true colors this brings. It really was blue, but there were many depths of blue. Ohh goodness! Sometimes I think that photographs really cannot be "worth a thousand words," first hand experience of the beauty of nature is the most amazing thing, so it is a shame that I cannot truly share the exact beauty I saw.
So my friends, I recommend that you visit many beautiful places, and thought a picture may not be as beautiful as what you can see with your own eyes, I still recommend that you take photographs, even if it is with "instagram...," which I don't like to use, but that is yet another story... hahaha. ;p
You want my two cents? GO VISIT NATIONAL PARKS! ;p

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  1. Hey good job with those pics. They look great to me! I love to photograph while we're on trips also. Thanks for the "two cents".