Monday, August 20, 2012

Passing the Time

So I like to clean and organize, and the past couple weeks I have been cleaning my bedroom and closet, my brother's bedroom and closet, and two other closets in the house... In my process I found some old quilt squares that I made with scraps of fabric from who knows when! So I thought of a quilt design so as to "finish" what I had started. Half way through I realized that I didn't really like the design to begin with, and the scraps that I was finishing the quilt with were too bold and vibrant for the older scraps I had used before. So back to the "drawing boards" I went, and came up with another design, one that I found more interesting and better balanced. I then found some Christmas fabric! I asked my mom if she was saving it for anything in particular, thankfully not. This next design was more simple, I didn't want to get too fancy in quilting this one because the fabric has images on it, and I wanted to be able to show what the images are, or it might just look like a random blue quilt. I still had scraps from many different fabrics, so I just started to cut small squares from them all, as much as I could, which wasn't much, about 10 squares each, of 8 fabrics. the design, even more simple than the last, but the beauty is in the placing of each square. I had actually started cutting the squares before I even started the Christmas one, but I couldn't figure out the best placement for the pattern. Either the brighter colors were too close, or the larger flower prints were not spaced enough, it was hard to get the best... "feeling..." out of the design. Yes, because quilts make you "FEEL," it's true, at least the design does. For now, the quilt tops of the 3 are finished! YAY! But time to put them away for a short time, because Bryan is coming to visit! I'm so excited! But here is a teaser picture. ;p I will be sure to photograph each completed quilt as they are finished. ;p


  1. Aww thanks for blogging :) I hope you didn't do it just for me :) But I appreciate the update :)

  2. You helped me post something. ;p i have yet to post some recipes... But havent made anything to take awesome pics of for my blog.

  3. Haha Whenever I make something, it just isn't pretty enough for a picture lol what have you been cookin?

    1. I haven't really been cooking anything lately... It is very weird to be home with my parents, well, only weird in the kitchen. Nothing is mine, and I don't know where things go. I pretty much don't what what to use, and I dont like buying food apart from my parents, so I pretty much just eat what they buy, but I dont have anything to make with what they buy. And i am awaiting to get tested for any food allergies, which i hope is not a huge list.. anyhow. its all complicated. ha. I cant wait to be married and have my own kitchen, and only need to share it with one other person instead of 3 others. ;p