Saturday, March 15, 2014

DIY Ring Display

What you will need:
Picture frame, close to 1inch thick. This frame fits a 5x7inch photo.
Fabric of your choosing, some fabrics are too busy, but i liked this one, i used a material that is thicker than cotton but not stiff like canvas. I cut this piece 6x18inches. 
Foam hair rollers. I bought mine from the dollar tree, you can choose larger rollers of smaller rollers, i went with the black 10count smaller rollers, i used almost two packages. 

*You may possibly need a hot glue gun for If the back of the frame pulls off.
If you cut enough fabric and use enough rollers for a tight tuck, then you shouldnt need the glue gun for much.*

Start putting it together:
Prepare the foam rollers by taking the plastic frames off and leaving one inside stick for every two rollers.
Insert them snug into the frame. I used 14 rollers, at least two packages of the 10 count rollers.
When tucking in the fabric, be sure to touch the fabric to the back of the frame between each roller and the edges of the frame.
And there you have it, a frame display for your rings! I have found that straight back earings fir nicely in this as well as the rings. :) 
Enjoy! Happy crafting! ;p

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Updates as of late

Alright, this post is LONG overdue. But let's get down to the recents in my life! I will try to list it all in order, some wont have a specific date, but just know there is an order to the chaos. ;p

-Saturday December 15th I was sealed in the Seattle temple with my mister!
-Sunday Dec 16th we traveled from Washington to Idaho.
-Monday Dec 17th woke up to some sort of sickness... food poisoning or whatever it may have been... and started to travel to our honeymoon destination, VEGAS! The travel arrangements were first the shuttle to the Salt Lake City Airport, then a plan to the Las Vegas Airport, then a bus to the hotel on the strip.
-The next few days I was feeling really weak and sick still...
-We walked to one end of the strip to catch a bus to Wal-mart.
-Back on the strip we got onto another bus.
-At some point we decided to view the strip from the bus, go to the movies theater to watch The Hobbit, and hop back onto the bus to get to one end of the strip and back to our hotel. That was a long day.
-We went to see a Mac King performance, he is a comedian/magician. But when we got to the Hotel/Casino it was in, we were told that he was not available, but that they had another comedian/magician who was "just as good." Which I am sure he was. But we will never really know unless we actually see Mac King. hmm.. Our free tickets were only free if we each bought drinks. So I am not sure how much the tickets were, but we got drinks. I ordered a Shirley Temple. mmmm..
-The rest of the time we pretty much watched a bunch of movies on HBO and from the Red Box. I enjoyed my time, I had my mister with me.
-Saturday Dec 22nd we started our travel back home to Idaho. And let's not be surprised... I started to feel sick again...
-Yup, I got sick.
-We spent time with the family for the Christmas holiday.
-Tried packing up Bryan's room and the trailer, moved more things into our apt.
-Christmas Eve we went in search for a new bed to put into our apt, we found one at the Idaho Mattress Outlet, we found one in Rexburg, we were prepared to drive into Idaho Falls if needs be, but we didn't need to! We even got a great deal!
-Christmas Day we spent the morning opening presents with the family, I don't think I had seen so much wrapping paper at one given time, but I only saw one bow, and it was on the present that I wrapped for Bryan. ;p
-We had Christmas dinner with Angela and Sam as our hosts, it was a great dinner, despite the fact that anything I tried to eat hurt my throat since I was STILL sick...
-Christmas Night we slept in our new apt.

Hmmm... What else to write about? Well, our apt is really nice, it does get cold from time to time, but it is a good thing that we have a lot of blankets and sweaters! Bryan has a few things he needs to, well, I don't know... He either needs to unpack, or find a place, or something for some of his things. But I suppose that we both have some things that need to find a place.

Good news is that I am finally starting to get better! I hope that I never get sick again! Well, I think that I am finished writing for today. I hope you enjoyed my blabbing/update. Do let me know if I can clarify or give more details. ;p We love you!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


December! Yay! Finally! Ohh my goodness! This wait has felt like forever! It still feels like it will be ages from now, but we are getting married! :)
I just want to let you all know... I don't enjoy posting without Bryan... Although my posts are never known to him at first, but I mean to say that I don't enjoy posting about my "doings" if my "doings" don't include him...
But perhaps I should update about my birthday...
Bryan came to visit! I didn't take any photos, I just curled up in his arms for the weekend. But back to the beginning! The day started out normal enough. Bryan and I texted a little as usual, and I usually go to work on Thursdays to hang the clothes that come on our truck shipments each week, though I noticed that my shift was only 4 hours instead of 8... but I assumed that my managers knew it was my birthday and that it could be better spent away from work, how nice of my managers! So before work, I am getting ready, I shower, do my hair and makeup and get my work clothes ready... Of course I usually pull my hair back for our truck days because I am moving a lot and it just gets in the way... but since it was my birthday I thought I should do my hair nice, but the clothes needed to stay boring, truck day, gets sweaty and dusty/dirty, yeah yeah, not so fun to get pretty clothes messed up.. Dad said he wanted to work on my car... that was suspicious... I figured he might want to decorate it...? But then I figured that he just wanted an excuse to spend some time together, even if it would be the 5-10 minute drive to and from my workplace... hmm...
So I am hanging clothes, putting size beads on the hangers, putting the clothes in their respective places, and the end of my shift comes, super excited, planned to take a nap, maybe read a little, but just plain relax before the birthday plans with the parents, which I decided would be Thai food and frozen yogurt...
Well, dad came into the store, I had given him an excuse to come in earlier... something about my store having military ball caps, thought he might like one since my brother Dennis is in the Army.
I went to get my things to get going home. I answered a few text messages from my sister Melissa and Thuy, who likely new the secret... They were probably giggling that I didn't yet know! Crazy girls... keeping secrets! I am glad though.. But as I was walking out of the break room I saw a guy. Handsome of course, and yet very recognizable... my thoughts were this... "wow, that guy looks so familiar, and good looking, and there is dad, and my manager... and wait! BRYAN??? He is supposed to be in a class right now! WHA??"
Yeah, silly me, didn't think that my Bryan was so wonderful that he would plan to visit me for my birthday, how crazy!
Yeah, so we pretty much just sat in each others arms all weekend, just enjoying the fact that we didn't have to text! Until it was bedtime and we were on completely opposite sides of the house!
This post is likely all mixed up, haha... I am scatter brained! I can't wait until the big day! ;p
I love you Bryan!

Monday, November 5, 2012


November has finally arrived. I am super excited, though I may not look it or act it, I am very excited. It is a little hard to be excited for something when the person you want to share this excitement with is miles away. But I am proud of my Bryan. He is working hard, with both school and work. I sure don't like how busy it has made him, but I am sure glad that he is pulling through.
I have not posted about the wedding much, and for good reason! It is a surprise! And just like the invitations, there are a few changes from my first thoughts to the final results. And knowing me, I am likely OCD about perfection, at least I know I am when I am at work, but I would like to post the final happenings after the fact than to post what I had initially thought I wanted and then realize that what I had envisioned was not quite what I wanted.
But do know, that Bryan is everything that I want, and most certainly everything that I need. He came into my life in a time that I was most prepared to take him in. And I am sure there was a time we ran into each other in the Spori Building in the two years previous, but the Lord didn't quite think we were ready for each other until most recently. I am just so happy that I have him now, though I wish I had him sooner, I know that the Lord prepares us for every person we come into contact with.
I love my Heavenly Father, He has a plan for me, He has given me Bryan, my love, to be with me for the next part of our lives.
I love you Bryan. Kisses. Muah! ;p
:) Here is a picture of the Seattle Temple.
I took this picture in November of 2009.
Hopefully our big day will be beautiful, 
but likely we will have some rain. Ohh well.

Friday, November 2, 2012

my birthday...?


Yeah, this is true. It feels as though I have been waiting for ages... But I am surviving... But I want to survive WITH him! 
I cannot wait to start doing everything TOGETHER! Well, sort of.. Haha. Of course he heads to work when I would be going to sleep... But that is not every night! And at least he will come home to ME! :)
Ohh the dreams I dream! They don't help me want to wake up, because if I wake up, then I need to face reality, and the reality is... Bryan is not here to wake up to!
The week he came to visit, ohh boy, as soon as I woke up, I had gone to the bathroom to freshen up, you know the drill ladies... made sure my teeth were sparkling white, breath was minty, etc. etc... and jumped on his bed in my brother's room! 

I miss him! But I will soon have him. :)
I love you Bryan! Kisses! Muah! ;p

Monday, October 15, 2012

Writer's Block? I Think Not!

Hello, so lately I have just been plain busy, and a bit lazy mixed in all together! But I am hoping it changes, not drastically, cus we all know we like to get lazy from time to time, I think it is very healthy. But here are the desired changes, and hopefully they happen. ;p

     1) Wake up and go exercise!
My excuses are simply this...
     a) "Zumba" here is just too expensive... 
     b) "Just Dance" alone is not fun...
     c) Although my free gym is just down the hall, it is slightly limited compared to BYUI...
     d) I just wanna sleep and dream of Bryan!!!
How I fixed this...
     i) I asked my parents to "wake the bride!" ;p
     ii) I now have yoga pants, and I gotta say, I look GOOD!
     iii) I still have time to dream of Bryan... But I am stubborn and I want more dreaming time!

Is there anything more I can do??? Do share!


     2) As long as I exercise, I am not as lazy in the day!
Which means...
     a) Besides working, I can get some things done, or started, or do something... 
Such as...
     i) Work on needed wedding plans & details!
     ii) Finish quilts that I started earlier!
     iii) Read instead of snacking all day!
     iv) BLOG!!!
     v) Possibly take some pictures...

What else could I do...? Do share!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did I Not Tell You?!

 Guess what! We went to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium when Bryan came to visit! ;p

We thought we had seen all that we could when mom and dad decided to see if the tiger was up and about, so we split up. Then we saw the "Budgie Buddies." Sounded interesting and we hadn't noticed it before, so we decided to go in. 

There were two sets of doors, I suppose to keep the birds inside, then there was another door to the bird enclosure. 

At first we just looked at the birds. Bryan tried taking some pictures, but the birds stayed where they were from a distance. Then I saw a little girl with a stick that had bird food glued to one end, and the birds came and landed on the stick and was eating! 

I was jealous... So I went and bought my own stick, and Bryan took pictures, it is a good thing I did my hair and wore a cute shirt! You never know when Bryan will take his iPhone out and start snapping pictures of you... 

That silly man that I love so much! ;p