Saturday, December 1, 2012


December! Yay! Finally! Ohh my goodness! This wait has felt like forever! It still feels like it will be ages from now, but we are getting married! :)
I just want to let you all know... I don't enjoy posting without Bryan... Although my posts are never known to him at first, but I mean to say that I don't enjoy posting about my "doings" if my "doings" don't include him...
But perhaps I should update about my birthday...
Bryan came to visit! I didn't take any photos, I just curled up in his arms for the weekend. But back to the beginning! The day started out normal enough. Bryan and I texted a little as usual, and I usually go to work on Thursdays to hang the clothes that come on our truck shipments each week, though I noticed that my shift was only 4 hours instead of 8... but I assumed that my managers knew it was my birthday and that it could be better spent away from work, how nice of my managers! So before work, I am getting ready, I shower, do my hair and makeup and get my work clothes ready... Of course I usually pull my hair back for our truck days because I am moving a lot and it just gets in the way... but since it was my birthday I thought I should do my hair nice, but the clothes needed to stay boring, truck day, gets sweaty and dusty/dirty, yeah yeah, not so fun to get pretty clothes messed up.. Dad said he wanted to work on my car... that was suspicious... I figured he might want to decorate it...? But then I figured that he just wanted an excuse to spend some time together, even if it would be the 5-10 minute drive to and from my workplace... hmm...
So I am hanging clothes, putting size beads on the hangers, putting the clothes in their respective places, and the end of my shift comes, super excited, planned to take a nap, maybe read a little, but just plain relax before the birthday plans with the parents, which I decided would be Thai food and frozen yogurt...
Well, dad came into the store, I had given him an excuse to come in earlier... something about my store having military ball caps, thought he might like one since my brother Dennis is in the Army.
I went to get my things to get going home. I answered a few text messages from my sister Melissa and Thuy, who likely new the secret... They were probably giggling that I didn't yet know! Crazy girls... keeping secrets! I am glad though.. But as I was walking out of the break room I saw a guy. Handsome of course, and yet very recognizable... my thoughts were this... "wow, that guy looks so familiar, and good looking, and there is dad, and my manager... and wait! BRYAN??? He is supposed to be in a class right now! WHA??"
Yeah, silly me, didn't think that my Bryan was so wonderful that he would plan to visit me for my birthday, how crazy!
Yeah, so we pretty much just sat in each others arms all weekend, just enjoying the fact that we didn't have to text! Until it was bedtime and we were on completely opposite sides of the house!
This post is likely all mixed up, haha... I am scatter brained! I can't wait until the big day! ;p
I love you Bryan!

Monday, November 5, 2012


November has finally arrived. I am super excited, though I may not look it or act it, I am very excited. It is a little hard to be excited for something when the person you want to share this excitement with is miles away. But I am proud of my Bryan. He is working hard, with both school and work. I sure don't like how busy it has made him, but I am sure glad that he is pulling through.
I have not posted about the wedding much, and for good reason! It is a surprise! And just like the invitations, there are a few changes from my first thoughts to the final results. And knowing me, I am likely OCD about perfection, at least I know I am when I am at work, but I would like to post the final happenings after the fact than to post what I had initially thought I wanted and then realize that what I had envisioned was not quite what I wanted.
But do know, that Bryan is everything that I want, and most certainly everything that I need. He came into my life in a time that I was most prepared to take him in. And I am sure there was a time we ran into each other in the Spori Building in the two years previous, but the Lord didn't quite think we were ready for each other until most recently. I am just so happy that I have him now, though I wish I had him sooner, I know that the Lord prepares us for every person we come into contact with.
I love my Heavenly Father, He has a plan for me, He has given me Bryan, my love, to be with me for the next part of our lives.
I love you Bryan. Kisses. Muah! ;p
:) Here is a picture of the Seattle Temple.
I took this picture in November of 2009.
Hopefully our big day will be beautiful, 
but likely we will have some rain. Ohh well.

Friday, November 2, 2012

my birthday...?


Yeah, this is true. It feels as though I have been waiting for ages... But I am surviving... But I want to survive WITH him! 
I cannot wait to start doing everything TOGETHER! Well, sort of.. Haha. Of course he heads to work when I would be going to sleep... But that is not every night! And at least he will come home to ME! :)
Ohh the dreams I dream! They don't help me want to wake up, because if I wake up, then I need to face reality, and the reality is... Bryan is not here to wake up to!
The week he came to visit, ohh boy, as soon as I woke up, I had gone to the bathroom to freshen up, you know the drill ladies... made sure my teeth were sparkling white, breath was minty, etc. etc... and jumped on his bed in my brother's room! 

I miss him! But I will soon have him. :)
I love you Bryan! Kisses! Muah! ;p

Monday, October 15, 2012

Writer's Block? I Think Not!

Hello, so lately I have just been plain busy, and a bit lazy mixed in all together! But I am hoping it changes, not drastically, cus we all know we like to get lazy from time to time, I think it is very healthy. But here are the desired changes, and hopefully they happen. ;p

     1) Wake up and go exercise!
My excuses are simply this...
     a) "Zumba" here is just too expensive... 
     b) "Just Dance" alone is not fun...
     c) Although my free gym is just down the hall, it is slightly limited compared to BYUI...
     d) I just wanna sleep and dream of Bryan!!!
How I fixed this...
     i) I asked my parents to "wake the bride!" ;p
     ii) I now have yoga pants, and I gotta say, I look GOOD!
     iii) I still have time to dream of Bryan... But I am stubborn and I want more dreaming time!

Is there anything more I can do??? Do share!


     2) As long as I exercise, I am not as lazy in the day!
Which means...
     a) Besides working, I can get some things done, or started, or do something... 
Such as...
     i) Work on needed wedding plans & details!
     ii) Finish quilts that I started earlier!
     iii) Read instead of snacking all day!
     iv) BLOG!!!
     v) Possibly take some pictures...

What else could I do...? Do share!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did I Not Tell You?!

 Guess what! We went to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium when Bryan came to visit! ;p

We thought we had seen all that we could when mom and dad decided to see if the tiger was up and about, so we split up. Then we saw the "Budgie Buddies." Sounded interesting and we hadn't noticed it before, so we decided to go in. 

There were two sets of doors, I suppose to keep the birds inside, then there was another door to the bird enclosure. 

At first we just looked at the birds. Bryan tried taking some pictures, but the birds stayed where they were from a distance. Then I saw a little girl with a stick that had bird food glued to one end, and the birds came and landed on the stick and was eating! 

I was jealous... So I went and bought my own stick, and Bryan took pictures, it is a good thing I did my hair and wore a cute shirt! You never know when Bryan will take his iPhone out and start snapping pictures of you... 

That silly man that I love so much! ;p

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years Ago Today

From what I can remember about 9/11 is minimal, one because I was a young girl, and two because I was mostly consumed with the loss of my Grandmother. 

I don't recall when she passed, maybe the week earlier, I had come home from school, my parents had me and my twin brother in their room and they explained that she had died in her sleep. I was very confused because I had made a card for her. I didn't realize that the people in my life that I love will not always physically be here with me.

The funeral was the day that the towers fell. I remember it being a rainy day in Chico, CA. The drive felt long, I just sat in the back staring out the window. I don't remember many of my extended family members crying much at the funeral. I suppose they understood better about life and death than I did. 

I understood that I would see her again, but I wanted to keep seeing her then, I wanted to be able to keep visiting, and sleeping in her bed, and having Flap-Jack at the foot of the bed purring. I guess you could say that I was simply not ready to lose anyone.

In the picture is a box that my parents gave me with a photo of my grandmother, her dog Clemie, and her cat Flap-Jack. I don't recall if I had box before she died, or if it was after that it was given to me, but I have it. There is not much in it. I have some things that remind me of her, but there is not much. 

The number one thing that reminds me of her are quilts. I suppose that is my number one reason for trying to make so many. Antiques and other old unique things, like trinkets and furniture remind me of her. I find that I am the type of person who does not tend to speak of certain things out loud, usually because I tend to cry, but crying can be a good thing to do, maybe not as much as smiling. 

I am sorry for the lives lost that day, but let us keep smiling. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Smiles

I made some changes, pretty neat! Can you name a few?
I know... I'm going a little crazy, missing my Bryan... I love you!
Three months, one week... give or take a few hours, minutes, and seconds...
;p Kisses! ♥

First Glance...

LOOK! What do you see.....? Here, let me tell you!
It says Rebecca Andrea Dean Nelson! Ahahaha! Bryan saw this and it looked like my name said Nelson at the end. But it turns out that is my new sister's name. :)
But it looks good, yeah? I have a friend who is engaged and she already changed her last name on Facebook... Shall I do the same thing? 
I feel that it would be SUPER AWESOME to change it now, but there is a sort of thrill to changing it after it is official. I don't know... What say you? Should I go ahead and change it because it would be AMAZING? Or should I wait? Hmm, well, ultimately it is up to me, no matter how many say one or the other, but I want to see who says what and why. 
Please comment! I am curious to know! Don't wait! Start thinking! Then start writing! ;p 
You know you want to! 
Bryan, what say you?
I Love You! Kisses! ♥

Seattle Temple

 I gotta say, this picture to the left was the strangest picture that my parents took of us... I didn't want to be taking a photo with statues... But mom and dad insisted that they take the picture to see what it would look like...? Um.. It's strange.. Now, if those statues were living people, and people that we know and love, then I think the picture would have a different feel.
But anyhow! Mom and dad took us to the Seattle Temple to take some pictures, and of course, Bryan and I are silly people, what can I say, when we are together, the "crazy" just gets crazier! ;p It is fun nonetheless.
I love you Bryan! ;p Kisses ♥

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Yellowstone

Look what I found! more pictures from Yellowstone! This time they are pictures of me and Bryan! Theses are pictures that my daddy took with his digital camera. It seems as though that all the pictures that I am in either show me with a funny face, my eyes closed, and both a funny face with eyes closed. Crazy, I know, I suppose I am not meant to be on a certain side of the camera... Hahaha. But I will want to be on any side of the camera as long as my Bryan is there too. ;p
It is only a shame that there are usually people in the pictures with us.
Did I tell you that Bryan got me a remote for the camera? Genius right? Gotta love him and all he does for me. But now that I think about it, it would be hard to be carrying around a tripod around when going on day trips. I mean, it is one thing to decide to take pictures together, but in a crowded place like National Parks would be a little hectic, at least to me, frustration is not very fun for me. But I suppose I will have Bryan to carry everything for me. ;p Usually when I get frustrated I let Bryan carry the camera and take pictures. So far it has worked out for us. I SUPER LOVE YOU LOTS BRYAN! ;p
Well, I don't know what we are standing near in the picture, usually when I take a photo I try to get a picture of the sign on the SD card too.
All you really need to know is that we are at Yellowstone and this is us, Bryan and Beck! ;p But I am sure you were completely aware of this by now.

Now if you can recall the other post about Yellowstone I did mention that there were a lot of people crowding around us when it got closer to the time for Ol' Faithful to erupt. I also mentioned that there was a man who was awfully close by, so close he could hug us and take our photos... Well here is the picture! The man to the left in black! Crazy right? 
Ohh Gee... Here is a photo of me making a funny face with my eyes closed! WHAT? I hope that the photographer that we have at the wedding will retake photos when I don't purposefully make funny faces, because let's face it, Bryan and I are bound to make some funny faces together. ;p 

Here is just another picture. My eyes are closed yet again. But I must tell you that half the time we were facing the sun.
I sure hope that the wedding day will be overcast, hopefully not raining... but hopefully no sun blazing us blind. ;p
I most likely wont be getting the exact weather that I would want, but I sure will be getting the exact man that I want. ;p
I wish for more pictures of me and Bryan, and I don't wish to be taking the pictures. I just want to relax! Hahaha. Relaxing sounds really nice right about now. I just wish that I could be relaxing with Bryan close by, not all the way in Idaho. But he will be starting the semester soon. Hopefully it wont be too crazy with working and classes and all that jazz..
Hmm, I don't know what else to say, except that I love you Bryan! ;p
Kisses! ♥

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Alright ya'll, I have "Pinterest" on my iPod Touch, and some days I just cannot stop "liking" so many pins of others! Today I noticed that I had over 550 likes! I decided to attempt "pinning" them into the appropriate "boards" and such. As you will notice, in the picture, I have got my "likes" down to 411. I say that is a wonderful success! I don't really think that I organized them too well, but I am satisfied with it, which is crazy, because I can go a little insane if things are not quite the way that I want them to be... But I understand that I can't always have everything my way. So this is me calming down. Hahaha. 
The other thing is... I CAN"T WAIT TO CHANGE MY NAME! As you can observe, in the picture, my last name is currently "Dean," but I simply cannot wait until the day that my many profiles will say "Nelson!" 
Ohh Gee! You cannot know how crazy I am for Bryan Nelson! Today I was listening to some music, and let it be known that Michael Buble was singing to my dancing bones and I realized that I also cannot wait to dance once again with my Bryan! AHH! 
Deep breathing is in store for me these next three months and one week, give or take a few days, hours, minutes, and seconds. ;p
Well, I suppose my ranting is done for the day. I hope you enjoyed. Hahaha. ;p

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Man

 These are some pictures that my sister took of me and Bryan. I'm not used to being on the other side of the camera, it is a little awkward to me. I like to be behind the camera, but these pictures are very nice. So THANK YOU Melissa! I love you!
Well, we took pictures in the Gardens on campus at BYU-Idaho, there we ran into one of Bryan's sisters, crazy right? It was fun.
Here we are peeking over the edge of something, I don't recall what it was exactly.

We are both wearing skinny jeans, yeah, Bryan has a pair of skinny jeans, but his look like regular jeans. ;p
Above we have a silly picture to the left, and to the right we have a cool train picture, only I wish that my jeans didn't blend with the train so much, there was editing to be done...

Here Melissa captured the flowers with me and Bryan in the background. I think it turned out nicely. There are so many things I would have loved to do, but I was getting exhausted, and I wanted so badly to be behind the camera. Hahaha. I suppose that means that I feel the need to be in control, which might be a flaw about me, but hopefully its not a huge problem when I marry my Bryan. ;p
I love that you read my blog! ;p
Kisses!  ♥

Friday, August 31, 2012


 So a while back, late July, my parents came to pick me up from Rexburg, and to meet my lovely Fiance Bryan. ;p
One thing we did together was enjoy Yellowstone. It was a nice warm day, and of course I was limping around, like I usually do because I tend to get myself hurt, but that is another story!
Here we have some pictures, and knowing me, they are in the opposite order of having been taken, but that is to be expected, blogging with pictures is a little tricky, soon I will get the hang of it, but for now just enjoy. ;p
Here we have some perfectly good strangers being "unwise." Surely they read the pamphlets that state a reasonable safe distance from all wildlife... But somehow the message didn't sink in. I used my zoom lens, like a sensible young lady. ;p
Above to the left, we have a tree that I told Bryan was a "cute tree." Isn't it cute?! I sure thought it was, and Bryan took the initiative to photograph it for me. ;p
In the middle we have Ol' Faithful, we stood for maybe 20 minutes? I don't recall exactly, but we sure waited a bit. At first there were not too many people waiting, sure the seating was all occupied, but not very many people were crowding behind at first. When the time came closer to the long waited event there were plenty of people squeezing around us. I mean there was one guy who seemed to be taking pictures of me and my mom, then he was so close it seemed he wished to give us each hugs! That is how close some people will get to you just to see this event! Crazy I tell you!
And to the right we have a picture of a geyser that took a while to actually get a picture of. The most frustrating thing about this trip, besides my limping, was that anyone and everyone would block the signs that tell what you are looking at! there was one man leaning against this sign, for maybe 5 minutes while I was waiting, and probably even longer before I got there, just leaning! Not even looking at the geyser! Just staring straight down! Well, I had to rant about that quickly, whew!
Next we have the Silex geyser. It was really pretty in person. I just wish I had this wonderful photograph editor to better show you the true colors this brings. It really was blue, but there were many depths of blue. Ohh goodness! Sometimes I think that photographs really cannot be "worth a thousand words," first hand experience of the beauty of nature is the most amazing thing, so it is a shame that I cannot truly share the exact beauty I saw.
So my friends, I recommend that you visit many beautiful places, and thought a picture may not be as beautiful as what you can see with your own eyes, I still recommend that you take photographs, even if it is with "instagram...," which I don't like to use, but that is yet another story... hahaha. ;p
You want my two cents? GO VISIT NATIONAL PARKS! ;p

Monday, August 20, 2012

Passing the Time

So I like to clean and organize, and the past couple weeks I have been cleaning my bedroom and closet, my brother's bedroom and closet, and two other closets in the house... In my process I found some old quilt squares that I made with scraps of fabric from who knows when! So I thought of a quilt design so as to "finish" what I had started. Half way through I realized that I didn't really like the design to begin with, and the scraps that I was finishing the quilt with were too bold and vibrant for the older scraps I had used before. So back to the "drawing boards" I went, and came up with another design, one that I found more interesting and better balanced. I then found some Christmas fabric! I asked my mom if she was saving it for anything in particular, thankfully not. This next design was more simple, I didn't want to get too fancy in quilting this one because the fabric has images on it, and I wanted to be able to show what the images are, or it might just look like a random blue quilt. I still had scraps from many different fabrics, so I just started to cut small squares from them all, as much as I could, which wasn't much, about 10 squares each, of 8 fabrics. the design, even more simple than the last, but the beauty is in the placing of each square. I had actually started cutting the squares before I even started the Christmas one, but I couldn't figure out the best placement for the pattern. Either the brighter colors were too close, or the larger flower prints were not spaced enough, it was hard to get the best... "feeling..." out of the design. Yes, because quilts make you "FEEL," it's true, at least the design does. For now, the quilt tops of the 3 are finished! YAY! But time to put them away for a short time, because Bryan is coming to visit! I'm so excited! But here is a teaser picture. ;p I will be sure to photograph each completed quilt as they are finished. ;p

Friday, July 13, 2012

Water, Sun, & Fun!

Today, Saturday June 23rd, Bryan and I went to "Rexburg Rapids" with my sister Melissa and her husband Paul. I brought my camera and my sister went off about how someone might take it. She said that I should take a picture of the place from the car and I told her that I cant just snap a shot and call it a day, I need to think about what I want to photograph. So I didn't necessarily want to take a picture of my family tanning, so I took a picture of our things. This really wasn't our setup. These are my things, but our setup was messy and we had a huge pile of stuff which was too hectic. But I wanted this picture to look nice, so I set up a couple of my beach towels and chairs in an orderly fashion. I think it turned out quite nicely.

Sit Back, Relax...

As a college student I am trying very hard to stay away from Ramen Noodles. First off, it is really hard!! Because Ramen Noodles are so easy and fast to prepare!! But I am trying to buy foods that require a little more preparation. The reason? If I buy foods that take seconds or a few minutes then I will likely feel that I have more time to eat and will make more food!! That is not healthy, which is why I am trying to take my time. The more time it takes to prepare the food, the less time there is to eat too much food, especially when I have s huge gap of free time in the middle of my days. Also, read a little while you eat!! It slows you down a bit.

Series #1

 Alrighty! So in my Color Photography class we have been given the assignment of creating a series. With this series we have been asked to provide a statement.
The week we were assigned this I was scheduled to give a presentation on a photographer. I chose to talk about Debe Hale. She created a series of abandoned homes, offices, and mills in North Carolina. The photos were beautiful!! She originally wanted to shoot in back and white, I wouldn't have blamed her, the idea of anything abandoned sounds so much more appealing in black and white, aged in such a way. But when she went to the sites in hopes to find out which time of day to use natural light she found that many of the areas of promise had such beautiful colors, she then changed her medium to shoot in color. Amazing!!
 As a result of the beauty she captured I decided to shoot my photo series of old cars, either abandoned, or just sitting around being beautiful!! Around Sugar City and Rexburg I had come to notice many cars and trucks just minding their own business at car repair places and driveways. I didn't quite want to shoot photos of cars and trucks that get out on the road much now a days, but more of cars and trucks that are "retired" in a way. 

They have lived their lives, now they can sit back, and grow old, they are not quite forgotten, but more remembered. 
I love the shapes and curves of these cars and trucks. Ohh boy!! Reminds me of my daddy and his project Ford Mustangs. He has had a few. I think some were '68s, my all time favorite. Right now he is working on a '78? I could be wrong, but I will correct this when I find out for sure. ;p
I just love the past the these cars and trucks hold on to. I hope the owners of these never get rid of them. If they do, I am glad that I have some photos for my own enjoyment and memory. ;p 
So I hope you too will enjoy these!!
And I hope to find many more!! ;p

Dressing up! ;p

 Ohh how I love to try dresses on!!! Of course a girl needs a good friend to come along for the ride. At this particular trip, a year ago, I was with Kira, a dear roommate. LOVE HER!! Anyhow!! This is in Rexburg Idaho at Circles of Love on Main Street. Beautiful place!! Beautiful dresses!! I have yet to go there with my sister Melissa and my mama, my best shopping companions!! ;p
I am featuring three of my favorites in this post. My most favorite was this green one!! Ohh my!! That was a spendy dress, I wish I had the money at the time... I went back looking for it, it is no longer there... Sad day for sure. But at least I have this photo for memory!!! 
There are many nice dresses here. They sure do get expensive, but I sure regret not adding this dress to my oversized wardrobe. ;p 
(!!! = exclamation marks)

These two dresses were at the top of my favorites list as well. 

The black white and red flowed ever so nicely!! And the waist line was perfect!! Empire waist!! Just the way I like it!!

This red-ish dress wasn't really red... It was kind of peach colored, almost pink, but in certain lights it looked very much red, it was quite weird, yet very interesting!

Above all, I loved the sleeves! They sort of made me look stronger than I really am. ;p

June 29th

Dinner, Friday June 29th, spaghetti and meatballs. Of course we need some veggies, so we steamed some baby carrots. We did have an asiago baguette, but I kept eating it while Bryan was cooking dinner. Well, Bryan knew that I wanted to take a picture of dinner for my Photo Journal blog for my Color Photography class, so he decided to made it look like a monster of some sort. Five eyes and pointy teeth. I had some bread left so I gave the monster some hair. Yes, we are silly. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Proposal Breakfast / Lunch

Today, Tuesday July 19th, I woke up extra early to go to the gym on campus. Extra early is 4:00 or 4:30 A.M. to get to the gym by 5:00 A.M. Crazy, I know. So naturally I take naps during the day. While I was taking my nap today my boyfriend Bryan was busy making me "Traditional Eggs Benedict;" my favorite breakfast dish! What a Sweetheart! He made my day, and I had to snap some photos. ( This was the morning of the day that Bryan proposed! Of course I was completely unaware of the coming event... ) 


Because Bryan's favorite number is 27, I will post 27 of my favorites.   ;p
So here goes nothing!
1.       Song? "A Message" by Coldplay
2.       Quote? "Sharing is caring"
3.       Chore? Vacuuming
4.       Form of exercise? Zumba
5.       Time of the day? Sunrise & sunset
6.       Car? Subaru / Ford Mustang
7.       Sound? Raindrops
8.       Sport to watch? Soccer
9.       Sport to play? Volleyball
10.   Deli meat? Turkey
11.   Breakfast meal? Traditional Eggs Benedict
12.   Board game? Sequence
13.   Halloween Costume? Fairie
14.   Color? Green
15.   Food? Lomo Saltado
16.   TV show? "Vampire Diaries"
17.   Movie? "Stardust"
18.   Band? Coldplay / Linkin Park
19.   Book(s)? Tennis Shoe Adventure Series
20.   Outfit? Which ever matches Bryan's ;p
21.   Vacation spot? I don't quite know yet...
22.   Animal? Panda Bear
23.   Scent? Sweet Pea
24.   Hobby? Photographing
25.   Number? Seven, Nine, & Thirteen
26.   Restaurant? The one's with great food ;p
27.   Famous person? Bruce Willis & Ian Somerhalder

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love Forever!

I love the stars, and naturally that is how Bryan decided to propose on June 19th so very close to midnight.  ;p
We now have a ton of glow in the dark stars! Most of which helped spell out this proposal.
We went this past Saturday to choose the perfect ring, but I was led to believe that I would not have my ring until after this coming Monday. But Bryan wanted to surprise me. Well, he succeeded! 
Though it was pretty hard to take good photos of those glow in the dark stars...

Love to Read

This is a photo I took about a year or so ago. It was taken after the fact of my "Motion" assignment for the Black & White Photography class I was taking at the time. I hadn't realized what different subjects I could attempt to take photos of until after I saw some other students' work. So I decided to see if I could even succeed in capturing such awesome-ness! I think I did well. ;p
This second photo is one that I took more recently. I must say, it is hard to recreate some things. I never thought that recreating this would be hard to do. This time I used direct light instead of sunlight from the window. I also used another book. The first book was one of the first books in the Twilight series, the second book I used is one of the last books in the same series. The second book has more pages. I think I took some great shots. ;p

Friday, June 8, 2012

Time of Day

The purpose of this assignment was to experiment with sunlight. There are certain times of the day that can either help the subject or it can make the subject look terrible. I have found that the best time to take photographs are at times that one would not usually think to take photos. I think that in general most people would want to take pictures during the afternoon, but that could be the worst time to shoot! The sun is very harsh at that time of day. Taking portraits is definitely not recommended at that time. The person will either be squinting into the sunlight or there will be shadows under their eyes. The best times are before sunrise, sunrise, evening, sunset, and after sunset. At least I find those times to be the best for taking photos. 

Color Palette

The purpose of this assignment was to take photographs of colors that make us happy. The one color that truly makes me happy is Green, but I couldn't find any subjects interesting enough to complete who I am. So I decided to stick with a few colors, Green, Red, Orange, and Yellow. I think I was pretty successful. My favorite subject that I found was this Red Tulip. Although the location of it was hard to work with.

Though taking photos on BYUI campus is pretty limited to subject matter. But then I found this car with kayaks and stickers. There are times when I wish that my Digital SLR were smaller so that it would be easier to carry around, but if you think about it, the SLR was once a huge and bulky item that was even worse to carry around, so in short, I am thankful that my camera is not any bigger than it is now. ;p 

This helmet was literally just sitting on the grass next to the parking lot. I quickly checked the area to see if anyone was about to come claim it and ride off on their bike, saw no one, and plopped onto the ground and started shooting! The one thing I do not like about this image is the one blade of grass the is just out of focus in the middle foreground. apart from that, I love this image. ;p

My First Time Blogging

So my sister told me that I should start a Photography blog, sure, why not, I keep posting my recent photo color assignments on my Facebook page, might as well get creative and post on a super awesome looking blog, then again, I have never used a blog, so this might look weird or what not. ;p
But here it is! I am going to try this out. I do have a Photo Journal assignment which requires a blog site of my own, so hopefully I can get started how this works. I will be contacting my sister a little more, haha. ;p
well, I hope my photographs are awesome enough that they will be viewed, and I also hope that my blog site will be equally awesome! wish me luck! if you have any wonderful ideas, be sure to let me know! ;p