Friday, June 8, 2012

Color Palette

The purpose of this assignment was to take photographs of colors that make us happy. The one color that truly makes me happy is Green, but I couldn't find any subjects interesting enough to complete who I am. So I decided to stick with a few colors, Green, Red, Orange, and Yellow. I think I was pretty successful. My favorite subject that I found was this Red Tulip. Although the location of it was hard to work with.

Though taking photos on BYUI campus is pretty limited to subject matter. But then I found this car with kayaks and stickers. There are times when I wish that my Digital SLR were smaller so that it would be easier to carry around, but if you think about it, the SLR was once a huge and bulky item that was even worse to carry around, so in short, I am thankful that my camera is not any bigger than it is now. ;p 

This helmet was literally just sitting on the grass next to the parking lot. I quickly checked the area to see if anyone was about to come claim it and ride off on their bike, saw no one, and plopped onto the ground and started shooting! The one thing I do not like about this image is the one blade of grass the is just out of focus in the middle foreground. apart from that, I love this image. ;p

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