Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 Years Ago Today

From what I can remember about 9/11 is minimal, one because I was a young girl, and two because I was mostly consumed with the loss of my Grandmother. 

I don't recall when she passed, maybe the week earlier, I had come home from school, my parents had me and my twin brother in their room and they explained that she had died in her sleep. I was very confused because I had made a card for her. I didn't realize that the people in my life that I love will not always physically be here with me.

The funeral was the day that the towers fell. I remember it being a rainy day in Chico, CA. The drive felt long, I just sat in the back staring out the window. I don't remember many of my extended family members crying much at the funeral. I suppose they understood better about life and death than I did. 

I understood that I would see her again, but I wanted to keep seeing her then, I wanted to be able to keep visiting, and sleeping in her bed, and having Flap-Jack at the foot of the bed purring. I guess you could say that I was simply not ready to lose anyone.

In the picture is a box that my parents gave me with a photo of my grandmother, her dog Clemie, and her cat Flap-Jack. I don't recall if I had box before she died, or if it was after that it was given to me, but I have it. There is not much in it. I have some things that remind me of her, but there is not much. 

The number one thing that reminds me of her are quilts. I suppose that is my number one reason for trying to make so many. Antiques and other old unique things, like trinkets and furniture remind me of her. I find that I am the type of person who does not tend to speak of certain things out loud, usually because I tend to cry, but crying can be a good thing to do, maybe not as much as smiling. 

I am sorry for the lives lost that day, but let us keep smiling. :)

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