Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Yellowstone

Look what I found! more pictures from Yellowstone! This time they are pictures of me and Bryan! Theses are pictures that my daddy took with his digital camera. It seems as though that all the pictures that I am in either show me with a funny face, my eyes closed, and both a funny face with eyes closed. Crazy, I know, I suppose I am not meant to be on a certain side of the camera... Hahaha. But I will want to be on any side of the camera as long as my Bryan is there too. ;p
It is only a shame that there are usually people in the pictures with us.
Did I tell you that Bryan got me a remote for the camera? Genius right? Gotta love him and all he does for me. But now that I think about it, it would be hard to be carrying around a tripod around when going on day trips. I mean, it is one thing to decide to take pictures together, but in a crowded place like National Parks would be a little hectic, at least to me, frustration is not very fun for me. But I suppose I will have Bryan to carry everything for me. ;p Usually when I get frustrated I let Bryan carry the camera and take pictures. So far it has worked out for us. I SUPER LOVE YOU LOTS BRYAN! ;p
Well, I don't know what we are standing near in the picture, usually when I take a photo I try to get a picture of the sign on the SD card too.
All you really need to know is that we are at Yellowstone and this is us, Bryan and Beck! ;p But I am sure you were completely aware of this by now.

Now if you can recall the other post about Yellowstone I did mention that there were a lot of people crowding around us when it got closer to the time for Ol' Faithful to erupt. I also mentioned that there was a man who was awfully close by, so close he could hug us and take our photos... Well here is the picture! The man to the left in black! Crazy right? 
Ohh Gee... Here is a photo of me making a funny face with my eyes closed! WHAT? I hope that the photographer that we have at the wedding will retake photos when I don't purposefully make funny faces, because let's face it, Bryan and I are bound to make some funny faces together. ;p 

Here is just another picture. My eyes are closed yet again. But I must tell you that half the time we were facing the sun.
I sure hope that the wedding day will be overcast, hopefully not raining... but hopefully no sun blazing us blind. ;p
I most likely wont be getting the exact weather that I would want, but I sure will be getting the exact man that I want. ;p
I wish for more pictures of me and Bryan, and I don't wish to be taking the pictures. I just want to relax! Hahaha. Relaxing sounds really nice right about now. I just wish that I could be relaxing with Bryan close by, not all the way in Idaho. But he will be starting the semester soon. Hopefully it wont be too crazy with working and classes and all that jazz..
Hmm, I don't know what else to say, except that I love you Bryan! ;p
Kisses! ♥

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