Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did I Not Tell You?!

 Guess what! We went to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium when Bryan came to visit! ;p

We thought we had seen all that we could when mom and dad decided to see if the tiger was up and about, so we split up. Then we saw the "Budgie Buddies." Sounded interesting and we hadn't noticed it before, so we decided to go in. 

There were two sets of doors, I suppose to keep the birds inside, then there was another door to the bird enclosure. 

At first we just looked at the birds. Bryan tried taking some pictures, but the birds stayed where they were from a distance. Then I saw a little girl with a stick that had bird food glued to one end, and the birds came and landed on the stick and was eating! 

I was jealous... So I went and bought my own stick, and Bryan took pictures, it is a good thing I did my hair and wore a cute shirt! You never know when Bryan will take his iPhone out and start snapping pictures of you... 

That silly man that I love so much! ;p

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