Monday, October 15, 2012

Writer's Block? I Think Not!

Hello, so lately I have just been plain busy, and a bit lazy mixed in all together! But I am hoping it changes, not drastically, cus we all know we like to get lazy from time to time, I think it is very healthy. But here are the desired changes, and hopefully they happen. ;p

     1) Wake up and go exercise!
My excuses are simply this...
     a) "Zumba" here is just too expensive... 
     b) "Just Dance" alone is not fun...
     c) Although my free gym is just down the hall, it is slightly limited compared to BYUI...
     d) I just wanna sleep and dream of Bryan!!!
How I fixed this...
     i) I asked my parents to "wake the bride!" ;p
     ii) I now have yoga pants, and I gotta say, I look GOOD!
     iii) I still have time to dream of Bryan... But I am stubborn and I want more dreaming time!

Is there anything more I can do??? Do share!


     2) As long as I exercise, I am not as lazy in the day!
Which means...
     a) Besides working, I can get some things done, or started, or do something... 
Such as...
     i) Work on needed wedding plans & details!
     ii) Finish quilts that I started earlier!
     iii) Read instead of snacking all day!
     iv) BLOG!!!
     v) Possibly take some pictures...

What else could I do...? Do share!

1 comment:

  1. I like to run when I stress out or feel lazy. It melts my problems away! One thing I did a lot when I was away from Aaron in Vietnam was hanging out with my buddies a lot. It was fun and helped me not feel so empty inside and miss him too much.