Monday, November 5, 2012


November has finally arrived. I am super excited, though I may not look it or act it, I am very excited. It is a little hard to be excited for something when the person you want to share this excitement with is miles away. But I am proud of my Bryan. He is working hard, with both school and work. I sure don't like how busy it has made him, but I am sure glad that he is pulling through.
I have not posted about the wedding much, and for good reason! It is a surprise! And just like the invitations, there are a few changes from my first thoughts to the final results. And knowing me, I am likely OCD about perfection, at least I know I am when I am at work, but I would like to post the final happenings after the fact than to post what I had initially thought I wanted and then realize that what I had envisioned was not quite what I wanted.
But do know, that Bryan is everything that I want, and most certainly everything that I need. He came into my life in a time that I was most prepared to take him in. And I am sure there was a time we ran into each other in the Spori Building in the two years previous, but the Lord didn't quite think we were ready for each other until most recently. I am just so happy that I have him now, though I wish I had him sooner, I know that the Lord prepares us for every person we come into contact with.
I love my Heavenly Father, He has a plan for me, He has given me Bryan, my love, to be with me for the next part of our lives.
I love you Bryan. Kisses. Muah! ;p
:) Here is a picture of the Seattle Temple.
I took this picture in November of 2009.
Hopefully our big day will be beautiful, 
but likely we will have some rain. Ohh well.


  1. Love the picture! Love the announcements! Love you guys! So excited for y'all!

    1. Which picture did you get?? We sent out two. ;p