Saturday, December 1, 2012


December! Yay! Finally! Ohh my goodness! This wait has felt like forever! It still feels like it will be ages from now, but we are getting married! :)
I just want to let you all know... I don't enjoy posting without Bryan... Although my posts are never known to him at first, but I mean to say that I don't enjoy posting about my "doings" if my "doings" don't include him...
But perhaps I should update about my birthday...
Bryan came to visit! I didn't take any photos, I just curled up in his arms for the weekend. But back to the beginning! The day started out normal enough. Bryan and I texted a little as usual, and I usually go to work on Thursdays to hang the clothes that come on our truck shipments each week, though I noticed that my shift was only 4 hours instead of 8... but I assumed that my managers knew it was my birthday and that it could be better spent away from work, how nice of my managers! So before work, I am getting ready, I shower, do my hair and makeup and get my work clothes ready... Of course I usually pull my hair back for our truck days because I am moving a lot and it just gets in the way... but since it was my birthday I thought I should do my hair nice, but the clothes needed to stay boring, truck day, gets sweaty and dusty/dirty, yeah yeah, not so fun to get pretty clothes messed up.. Dad said he wanted to work on my car... that was suspicious... I figured he might want to decorate it...? But then I figured that he just wanted an excuse to spend some time together, even if it would be the 5-10 minute drive to and from my workplace... hmm...
So I am hanging clothes, putting size beads on the hangers, putting the clothes in their respective places, and the end of my shift comes, super excited, planned to take a nap, maybe read a little, but just plain relax before the birthday plans with the parents, which I decided would be Thai food and frozen yogurt...
Well, dad came into the store, I had given him an excuse to come in earlier... something about my store having military ball caps, thought he might like one since my brother Dennis is in the Army.
I went to get my things to get going home. I answered a few text messages from my sister Melissa and Thuy, who likely new the secret... They were probably giggling that I didn't yet know! Crazy girls... keeping secrets! I am glad though.. But as I was walking out of the break room I saw a guy. Handsome of course, and yet very recognizable... my thoughts were this... "wow, that guy looks so familiar, and good looking, and there is dad, and my manager... and wait! BRYAN??? He is supposed to be in a class right now! WHA??"
Yeah, silly me, didn't think that my Bryan was so wonderful that he would plan to visit me for my birthday, how crazy!
Yeah, so we pretty much just sat in each others arms all weekend, just enjoying the fact that we didn't have to text! Until it was bedtime and we were on completely opposite sides of the house!
This post is likely all mixed up, haha... I am scatter brained! I can't wait until the big day! ;p
I love you Bryan!

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