Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Updates as of late

Alright, this post is LONG overdue. But let's get down to the recents in my life! I will try to list it all in order, some wont have a specific date, but just know there is an order to the chaos. ;p

-Saturday December 15th I was sealed in the Seattle temple with my mister!
-Sunday Dec 16th we traveled from Washington to Idaho.
-Monday Dec 17th woke up to some sort of sickness... food poisoning or whatever it may have been... and started to travel to our honeymoon destination, VEGAS! The travel arrangements were first the shuttle to the Salt Lake City Airport, then a plan to the Las Vegas Airport, then a bus to the hotel on the strip.
-The next few days I was feeling really weak and sick still...
-We walked to one end of the strip to catch a bus to Wal-mart.
-Back on the strip we got onto another bus.
-At some point we decided to view the strip from the bus, go to the movies theater to watch The Hobbit, and hop back onto the bus to get to one end of the strip and back to our hotel. That was a long day.
-We went to see a Mac King performance, he is a comedian/magician. But when we got to the Hotel/Casino it was in, we were told that he was not available, but that they had another comedian/magician who was "just as good." Which I am sure he was. But we will never really know unless we actually see Mac King. hmm.. Our free tickets were only free if we each bought drinks. So I am not sure how much the tickets were, but we got drinks. I ordered a Shirley Temple. mmmm..
-The rest of the time we pretty much watched a bunch of movies on HBO and from the Red Box. I enjoyed my time, I had my mister with me.
-Saturday Dec 22nd we started our travel back home to Idaho. And let's not be surprised... I started to feel sick again...
-Yup, I got sick.
-We spent time with the family for the Christmas holiday.
-Tried packing up Bryan's room and the trailer, moved more things into our apt.
-Christmas Eve we went in search for a new bed to put into our apt, we found one at the Idaho Mattress Outlet, we found one in Rexburg, we were prepared to drive into Idaho Falls if needs be, but we didn't need to! We even got a great deal!
-Christmas Day we spent the morning opening presents with the family, I don't think I had seen so much wrapping paper at one given time, but I only saw one bow, and it was on the present that I wrapped for Bryan. ;p
-We had Christmas dinner with Angela and Sam as our hosts, it was a great dinner, despite the fact that anything I tried to eat hurt my throat since I was STILL sick...
-Christmas Night we slept in our new apt.

Hmmm... What else to write about? Well, our apt is really nice, it does get cold from time to time, but it is a good thing that we have a lot of blankets and sweaters! Bryan has a few things he needs to, well, I don't know... He either needs to unpack, or find a place, or something for some of his things. But I suppose that we both have some things that need to find a place.

Good news is that I am finally starting to get better! I hope that I never get sick again! Well, I think that I am finished writing for today. I hope you enjoyed my blabbing/update. Do let me know if I can clarify or give more details. ;p We love you!

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