Friday, July 13, 2012

Dressing up! ;p

 Ohh how I love to try dresses on!!! Of course a girl needs a good friend to come along for the ride. At this particular trip, a year ago, I was with Kira, a dear roommate. LOVE HER!! Anyhow!! This is in Rexburg Idaho at Circles of Love on Main Street. Beautiful place!! Beautiful dresses!! I have yet to go there with my sister Melissa and my mama, my best shopping companions!! ;p
I am featuring three of my favorites in this post. My most favorite was this green one!! Ohh my!! That was a spendy dress, I wish I had the money at the time... I went back looking for it, it is no longer there... Sad day for sure. But at least I have this photo for memory!!! 
There are many nice dresses here. They sure do get expensive, but I sure regret not adding this dress to my oversized wardrobe. ;p 
(!!! = exclamation marks)

These two dresses were at the top of my favorites list as well. 

The black white and red flowed ever so nicely!! And the waist line was perfect!! Empire waist!! Just the way I like it!!

This red-ish dress wasn't really red... It was kind of peach colored, almost pink, but in certain lights it looked very much red, it was quite weird, yet very interesting!

Above all, I loved the sleeves! They sort of made me look stronger than I really am. ;p

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  1. Beck, you are so cute! I like your writing a lot. It makes me smile :-).