Friday, July 13, 2012

Series #1

 Alrighty! So in my Color Photography class we have been given the assignment of creating a series. With this series we have been asked to provide a statement.
The week we were assigned this I was scheduled to give a presentation on a photographer. I chose to talk about Debe Hale. She created a series of abandoned homes, offices, and mills in North Carolina. The photos were beautiful!! She originally wanted to shoot in back and white, I wouldn't have blamed her, the idea of anything abandoned sounds so much more appealing in black and white, aged in such a way. But when she went to the sites in hopes to find out which time of day to use natural light she found that many of the areas of promise had such beautiful colors, she then changed her medium to shoot in color. Amazing!!
 As a result of the beauty she captured I decided to shoot my photo series of old cars, either abandoned, or just sitting around being beautiful!! Around Sugar City and Rexburg I had come to notice many cars and trucks just minding their own business at car repair places and driveways. I didn't quite want to shoot photos of cars and trucks that get out on the road much now a days, but more of cars and trucks that are "retired" in a way. 

They have lived their lives, now they can sit back, and grow old, they are not quite forgotten, but more remembered. 
I love the shapes and curves of these cars and trucks. Ohh boy!! Reminds me of my daddy and his project Ford Mustangs. He has had a few. I think some were '68s, my all time favorite. Right now he is working on a '78? I could be wrong, but I will correct this when I find out for sure. ;p
I just love the past the these cars and trucks hold on to. I hope the owners of these never get rid of them. If they do, I am glad that I have some photos for my own enjoyment and memory. ;p 
So I hope you too will enjoy these!!
And I hope to find many more!! ;p

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