Thursday, July 12, 2012


Because Bryan's favorite number is 27, I will post 27 of my favorites.   ;p
So here goes nothing!
1.       Song? "A Message" by Coldplay
2.       Quote? "Sharing is caring"
3.       Chore? Vacuuming
4.       Form of exercise? Zumba
5.       Time of the day? Sunrise & sunset
6.       Car? Subaru / Ford Mustang
7.       Sound? Raindrops
8.       Sport to watch? Soccer
9.       Sport to play? Volleyball
10.   Deli meat? Turkey
11.   Breakfast meal? Traditional Eggs Benedict
12.   Board game? Sequence
13.   Halloween Costume? Fairie
14.   Color? Green
15.   Food? Lomo Saltado
16.   TV show? "Vampire Diaries"
17.   Movie? "Stardust"
18.   Band? Coldplay / Linkin Park
19.   Book(s)? Tennis Shoe Adventure Series
20.   Outfit? Which ever matches Bryan's ;p
21.   Vacation spot? I don't quite know yet...
22.   Animal? Panda Bear
23.   Scent? Sweet Pea
24.   Hobby? Photographing
25.   Number? Seven, Nine, & Thirteen
26.   Restaurant? The one's with great food ;p
27.   Famous person? Bruce Willis & Ian Somerhalder


  1. I wish they would have kept Ian Somerhalder on Lost for more than a season :( Question: since green is your favorite color, would that be your main wedding color as well? :)

    1. main wedding color will be purple. so do wear purple. ;p